A tracking link will automatically be emailed to the email used to purchase. 


Please note that orders with rural delivery addresses may not be applicable for DHL delivery. Feel free to contact us before placing your order if you believe this may be applicable to you. Delivery times are estimates, whilst 95% of deliveries fall between the delivery time estimates, delivery can be quicker or longer.

Our 1-3 day delivery method requires us to ship the order to a DHL shipping facility. The transportation can take around 2 days and won't be tracked. You will receive a tracking link prior to your order reaching the shipping facility.

The average delivery time for the 1-3 day delivery time is 2 days worldwide. The average delivery time for the 7-20 day delivery time is 10 days worldwide. However, in rare cases this can take as long as 30 days. 


Customs Fees

We do not take responsibility for any import fees such as VAT, fees must be paid by yourself. If you are unsure if your order is applicable for import fees, please check your local government's website and note that orders will be dispatched from China or Hong Kong.